2018 spring schedule




2018 Spring Registration

  • Youth Information

  • Please tell us which the level of your participant in the Life Skills Experience Classes. All new participants start at PLAYer. All participants must have coach approval for levels Par-Ace. If you have questions, please call 785-341-1992.
  • Participants must be at least 7 years old prior to May 3, 2018 to participate in the Spring Session
  • If your school is not listed above please enter the participants school.
  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • Health Information

  • Example: allergies (bee stings, ants, food), conditions (asthma, type I diabetes), or physical concerns (heart problem, ankle injury). If none applicable, write NA
  • if parent or legal guardian cannot be reached
  • Medical Consent, Equipment, Media Release, and Waiver

    Read the Consent, Equipment, Release and Waiver Below. Initial in the space provided if you agree to the stated terms.
  • In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I agree to accept any and all determinations of need for medical assistance and/or administration of medical attention deemed necessary by The First Tee of Manhattan representatives. I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by The First Tee of Manhattan representatives to secure any and all medical, hospitalization, dental, and/or surgical treatment. In event that such medical attention is needed from a healthcare provider, all costs shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • I understand that any golf equipment received for use is the property of The First Tee of Manhattan, and may be returned at the discretion of The First Tee facility upon the termination of the participant's involvement in the program.
  • I hereby give The First Tee of Manhattan, Headquarters Office and participating agencies permission to use film, video tape and/or photographs of the above mentioned minor for lawful promotional or informational purposes.
  • I, the parent/legal guardian of the above named youth, give approval for participation in The First Tee of Manhattan sponsored activities. I assume all risks of injury whatsoever and agree to hold harmless The First Tee of Manhattan, Headquarters Office, and Colbert Hills Golf Course from claim(s) of any nature arising from any activity, including transportation, connected with The First Tee of Manhattan. This hold harmless agreements includes, but is not limited to, any claim due to injury proximately resulting from negligence of The First Tee of Manhattan or Headquarters Office, its employees, agents, LPGA and PGA Professionals, participating agencies, and volunteers. I consent to The First Tee of Manhattan and Headquarters Office communicating information regarding my child's participation via the Internet.
  • Please type your name here for authorization as an electronic signature